GSP Eyeing Fight with McGregor

(Photograph: Total Pro Sports)

The greatest Welterweight champion of all time and current Middleweight title contender Georges St. Pierre (left) looking for a fight with the current Lightweight champion Conor McGregor (right).

GSP‘s legendary boxing coach Freddie Roach has spoken on GSP’s potential fights since his return with MMA journalist Ariel Helwani. Part of Georges’ three-fight deal is getting an opportunity to compete against the biggest draw in the sport for his final fight on the deal. An interview with Fight Hub TV‘s boxing correspondent Marcos Villegas details Roach’s comments and thoughts on the magnitude of this potential fight.


For more on Roach’s comments, refer to the article by MMA Fighting Newswire.

It’s a big fight, but personally, it is taking away from the root of the sport. What is the IMG_2612-07-04-17-03-42point in having champions and contenders if the promotion is making fights that hold no meaning to the division? A fighter could go on an impressive win streak knocking down high caliber contenders, but won’t get a title shot because a more “sexy” appealing fight would generate more revenue.

That’s the stage that the UFC is in right now, making money rather than putting on the deserving fights that the sporting purist cares



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